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Aircraft Technical Training


Who We Are

Aerojet Aviation Training Academy being developed as part of the Aerojet’s flagship Accra MRO Project aims to provide aircraft technical training and knowledge to the doorstep of Africans on the continent who may otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue careers in aviation.

If you are looking for a career in the Civil Aviation Industry and are interested in aircraft maintenance, then this is the training academy for you. You will be working towards one of the industry’s most widely recognized qualification standards.

Aerojet Academy is the main vehicle through which the Aerojet Foundation will execute its targeted objectives of:
  1. Providing youth on the continent with specialist technical skills training that will lead to lifelong careers.
  2. Providing African youth with mentorship, coaching and other critical skills such as financial management, business acumen, analytics, etc. which will not only equip them with employable skills but also teach them important life and leadership skills.
  3. Advancing STEM education and innovation by using technology to solve problems.
  4. Promoting gender parity by ensuring the inclusion of girls and women in engineering, with an added emphasis on the aviation and aerospace sector