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An aviation training school is an institution that offers education and training for different aviation industry careers

Some aviation industry career programs include, aircraft maintenance engineering, cabin crew, pilots, ground handling, etc.

The requirements for each training course is different. Once you read up on a particular course and decide you want to pursue it, you can click on the relevant link to find our more about the career and its entry requirements.

The length of your training is dependent on which training course you select and the mode of study you opt for. Once you have decided which career you are interested in, you can select the relevant course on our academy website to obtain dull details about the

The cost of each attending dependent on which course you select. Once you have selected the relevant course, all the details such as cost, duration and mode of training can be

Aerojet Academy offers scholarships for some careers in collaboration with Aerojet Aviation’s various operational divisions based on their needs. Scholarships are also offered with the support of Aerojet Foundation.

For most of the training programs offered, Aerojet Aviation offers either guaranteed jobs, or job placement support (assist you to be placed in a job with our partners worldwide) for candidates who successfully complete and pass their programs.

Due to the nature of the aviation industry, Aerojet Academy mainly runs accredited programs. Our Training Academy is an EASA certified center. The Academy is constantly looking to offer more courses to serve our continent, therefore, many more accredited courses certified for Airlines, and by IATA and other international bodies will be offered at various times. Once you are registered with us, you will be notified of any new courses as and when they become available. Alternatively, you can check back on our site regularly
for updates or follow us on social media

Depending on the course chosen and the mode of study – part-time, full-time, modular, etc, the class sizes may vary. However, because of our EASA certified center status, our classes are a maximum of 28 per class.

The Aerojet Academy boasts of top-class facilities and a learning environment that has been approved by EASA and complies with modern learning technology requirements.

Most certified aviation courses have a hands-on element to them. However, some course such as the Aircraft Maintenance Technician Training Program have a very high amount of mandatory work experience and hand skills training as a requirement for certification.
Your chosen program will determine what practical training is required

Because the Academy is not a typical mainstream Academic institution, credits are not transferable. We provide courses and certification training that lead you directly into a job. Therefore, once you have met the relevant entry requirements, such as secondary school or university education certificates and passed any required aptitude tests you do not require anything else.

There are various course options to suit various needs; the options depend on your chosen career path or training program. Please check our website under training programs to see
what options are available for you.

To apply for any of our training programs you first need to register; your registration is
one-off and does not expire. Once you are registered you will have access to our candidate
portal, where you will have access to all our course information, be able to book and pay for modules, exams, course material, and tuition slots for your chosen program. You will also have access to job opportunities for courses you have completed.Toggle Content

Our Academy is open to people from all over the world. At Aerojet all students are important to us regardless of where they are from and will get access to the same courses and job opportunities at the same cost.

The Academy has various attendance and grading requirements for the different courses.
You will get information for attendance and grading based on your chosen module when
you enroll. Regarding conduct, The Aerojet Academy expects very high standards of
performance and good behavior from all its students. Because of the nature and safety culture of our industry, all students will be required to adhere to the rules and regulations of the academy as stipulated in our student’s handbook, which will be made available to you when you enroll onto any of our courses. Non-compliance could lead to disciplinary
action or outright dismissal.

The process for handling complaints and issues during training are contained in our
Student Handbook, which will be issued upon signing your training agreement during

There is no refund policy on short courses of one year or less, however students may defer for good reason and complete at a later date. For longer training courses of 2 years or more refunds may be issued to students for an academic year which has not yet started provided they give the required minimum notice before the commencement of the academic year. Further information on this may be found in the Student Handbook upon

All instructors are trained and certified for their chosen subject areas and for their relevant courses. This also applies to our practical assessor and examiners.

Certificates are issued for the completion of all courses, as well as relevant industry licenses where applicable for the chosen program

There is no trial period for any of our courses.

In order to remain a certified center, we are required to adhere strictly to all the relevant changes and updates to training content, as well as exam requirements and standards. This ensures we fully compliant and abreast with all industry changes.

You can reach us at or send an enquiry through our website here