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Module 016: Piston Engines


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This module provides the knowledge required for those studying towards licences to work on piston engine aircraft (A2, A4, B1.2 and B1.4). The content covers piston engine fundamentals, performance, construction, explanations of the supporting systems and also includes installation, monitoring, ground running and storage.

16.1 Fundamentals
16.2 Engine Performance
16.3 Engine Construction
16.4 Engine Fuel Systems
16.5 Starting and Ignition Systems
16.6 Induction, Exhaust and Cooling Systems
16.7 Supercharging/Turbocharging
16.8 Lubricants and Fuels
16.9 Lubrication Systems
16.10 Engine Indication Systems
16.11 Powerplant Installation
16.12 Engine Monitoring and Ground Operation
16.13 Engine Storage and Preservation


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