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Module 003: Electrical Fundamentals


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This module provides the fundamental electrical knowledge required for an aircraft maintenance engineer and the basis for the electronic fundamentals module that follows. The content includes electron theory, generation of electricity, capacitance, magnetism, inductance, transformers, generators and motors.

3.1 Electron Theory
3.2 Static Electricity and Conduction
3.3 Electrical Terminology
3.4 Generation of Electricity
3.5 DC Sources of Electricity
3.6 DC Circuits
3.7 Resistance / Resistor
3.8 Power
3.9 Capacitance / Capacitor
3.10 Magnetism
3.11 Inductance / Inductor
3.12 DC Motor / Generator Theory
3.13 AC Theory
3.14 Resistive (R), Capacitive (C) and Inductive (L)
3.15 Transformers
3.16 Filters
3.17 AC Generators
3.18 AC Motors


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