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Aerojet Aviation and ICC Networking form Technology Partnership

Accra, Ghana (15th February 2022) – AEROJET AVIATION and ICC NETWORKING (ICCN) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) leading to a final contract deal to design, develop, and deploy advanced wired and wireless technologies as well as the most advanced distributed edge data system in the industry. This Centre of Excellence, the first world-class MRO operation in West Africa, will help enable Aerojet Aviation to increase its market share, attract aviation customers to the region, and sell its aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (“MRO”) products to new customers. The primary facility will be located at Kotoka International Airport (KIA) creating the first of its kind in the region.

Aerojet’s partnership with ICCN will strengthen West Africa as an aviation hub for national and international logistics while enhancing regional ability to expand services for regional airlines. The communication partnership includes the deployment of ICCN’s wireless systems including low frequency TV Whitespace for emergency and long-distance communications, Wi-Fi for client, device, and administrative connectivity, and 5G for enhanced backbone and client environments. Moreover, the integrated network will boost highspeed backbone connection to multi-port 40G/100G firewalls culminating in the WARP Edge Internet System (EIS), a fully distributed edge computing node system designed for data security and content delivery with a resilient architecture for harsh environments. The system has unlimited scalability to support other regions providing global services to any client.

ICCN’s Framework supports Aerojet’s vision to deliver the most advanced facility in the industry. The Framework provides unified management access to ensure optimized management and local control of all systems while providing IoT level visibility to all things digital. Moreover, the Framework allows for the integration of third-party systems including an advanced Electric Vehicle (EV) charging system that is fully self-sufficient and Green compliant by using Hydrogen to generate off-grid electricity and sustainable energy.

Mazisi Parkes, Chief Executive Officer at Aerojet Aviation, commented: The vision for Aerojet is to be innovative and pioneering in everything we do, and our technology for the delivery of our MRO services is no different. In ICCN we have found a partner that understands our needs and the gold standards of excellence to which we want our solutions delivered. This is an important step in our process to building a center of excellence for technology and aviation in the region. As a hub, it is imperative that we are well resourced to support our clients and provide reliable and cost-effective products and services using the best technology solutions. Aerojet and its partners will continue to make significant investments to ensure our country and continent are ready for the future.

“Having an MRO at KIA and being a partner in the project is a particular honor for ICC Networking”, said Keith M. Alexis, Chief Executive Officer at ICCN. “Our partnership with Aerojet Aviation not only allows us to demonstrate the flexibility of our IP data networking solutions, but also deliver an innovative solution that has a significant impact on the local and regional economies. We see this collaboration as a critical component in ICC Networking’s initiative of Bridging the Digital Divide for all markets and industries in a multi-level approach to development.”

About Aerojet

Aerojet Aviation was established in 2016 to provide a lasting solution to the problem of aircraft maintenance & repairs in Africa. Since then, the company has worked tirelessly to put together a masterplan to achieve this objective. After several years of engaging and selling that vision and plan to stakeholders and aviation authorities, Aerojet is now developing its flagship Accra MRO Project at the Kotoka International Airport in Ghana for the delivery of the first of a kind Aviation Centre of Excellence on the African continent. Expected to launch in 2024, Aerojet will offer world class aviation training and technical support services from its facility and operate one of the most advanced Aircraft Maintenance Facilities in the world.

About ICC Networking (ICCN)

Founded in 2011, ICC Networking (ICCN) is a privately held high-tech manufacturer of IP data networking connectivity hardware and software employing network system, design, and cybersecurity engineers. We provide connectivity solutions including wireless (TV Whitespace, Wi-Fi, CBRS/LTE, and BLE among other) and wired (Ethernet copper and fiber) and an edge computing system called WARP, designed to bridge the last mile. To that end, ICCN built the Framework, an integrated matrix of connectivity, software, services, and open access for application development. An ICCN Framework builds on our wired and wireless technology and patented software to enable client-selectable interfaces to expand connectivity, network, and client value.


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