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Maintainance, Repair & Overhaul


Accra MRO Project

The AEROJET Accra MRO Project, is the first of its kind aviation technical support services facility in Africa.

Following detailed consultations in the host country, the project has been prioritized by the Government of Ghana to help achieve the following macro objectives:

  1. To make Kotoka International Airport (KIA) a regional hub thus stimulating economic growth and development.
  2. To help drastically reduce the cost of air travel in the region

In order to achieve these objectives, the Government of Ghana has for the first time ever ceded the full responsibility of developing this critical infrastructure and essential service to Aerojet Aviation Ltd (a private company).

The state-of-the-art facility to be developed at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra Ghana, is to serve as a Centre of Excellence for the delivery of all aviation services and training scheduled to be offered upon completion of the project. Aerojet seeks to bring aircraft technical training and knowledge to the doorstep of Africans on the continent who would otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue careers in aviation. To ensure world class standards of service from day one, Aerojet will utilize a blend of seasoned international professionals and carefully selected local talent to implement its flagship project.

One of the major focus areas of the project is to encourage and empower young people that have a passion for and desire a career in aviation to fulfill their dreams through the provision of excellent training facilities, resources and valuable work experience. Equally as important, is Aerojet’s commitment to providing sustainable livelihoods for thousands of people on the continent.

When completed, the facility will be developed among other things to include a technologically advanced aircraft maintenance hangar for its anchor MRO business with the below services:

  1. Airframe Maintenance & Fleet Support
  2. Narrow body Base Maintenance & Overhaul
  3. Engine & Component Maintenance & Overhaul
  4. Cabin Modifications & Avionics